Cultivating Calm Workshop #6

“Barb is so gentle in her approach.  She’s filled with timeless knowledge that everyone can benefit in hearing.  When you take one of Barb’s workshops, it feels like a trip to the spa for your soul.”  Kate V.

Cultivating Calm Workshop #8

“Your knowledge and calmness bring Zen to all of your classes.  You are an angel to so many women, and our world needs many more women encouraging one another.” Kimberly H.

Cultivating Calm Workshop #9

“Such a good mix of information, friends, food, and recipes.  Excellent!  I really enjoyed.”  Beth B.

“Thank you so much for providing such valuable insight.  You provided me much food for thought.”  Elisa G.

“Thank you.  Very informative.  Gives things to think about and solutions.” Elaine D.

Cultivating Calm Workshop #7

“I had a GREAT time!!! Would love to attend workshops in the future.”  Kristine K.

“I enjoyed the self-analysis and getting to share and discuss such personal topics with others in a safe environment.” E.B.

Cultivating Calm Workshop #10

“Wow-what an informative and useful session.  Thank you for the advice, tidbits, and guidance you infused into us in such a short time.  I’m leaving feeling much calmer.”  Virginia G.

Cultivating Calm Workshop#1

“Thank you so much- this is super informative and eye-opening!  Love your knowledge and the expansive range of knowledge that you have!”  Sara K.

Cultivating Calm Workshop #2

“Very informative and eye-opening.”  Jenny M.

Cultivating Calm Workshop #4

“Great workshop!  Very informative and useful.  Really enjoyed the share exercise.”  C.A.

Cultivating Calm Workshop #3



“Honestly, I would have liked 3 more hours or even a whole weekend with this group and with Barbara as the amazing facilitator. I felt so comfortable and well taken care of . The facility felt like a paradise, the air feels cleaner and the property is so tranquil. I look forward to being a part of more workshops and I am so grateful to have been part of this beautiful group of strong loving women. Barbara speaks from a place of compassion and wisdom. You can see in her eyes her passion for life and you can hear in her voice the love and understanding she has for all of us. I felt very comfortable to be open and vulnerable and by the end of the workshop I felt empowered and connected to myself and to the other women. Much love and gratitude.” K. Vallas

Self-care Saturday photo 6 Self-care Saturday photo 10_0 Self-care Saturday photo 11_3

“My only disappointment was that it was over too soon! The two hours flew by quickly and you left us wanting more. Great workshop-can’t wait for the next one!” J. Post

Self-care Saturday photo 3_0

“Exceeded my expectations! Barbara’s style is compassionate, creative, and comprehensive. The material was well planned and organized, allowing us to cover more in less time! I enjoyed the group energy, learning new tools, and supporting one another to improve our own self care. I can become a bit remote in my life, and Barbara helped spark my vision for more zest, pleasure, and depth in my daily living. I recommend Barbara to anyone looking to upgrade, even slightly, to get the very most out of this one life we are gifted!” S. Tonkinson

Self-care Saturday photo 7_1

“What a great workshop! Barbara-you are so knowledgeable and so compassionate. The group share exercises not only helped to foster camaraderie, but also allowed us to be insightful as well as encouraging us to do a little “soul searching” at the same time-all in a comfortable and safe atmosphere. Very informative and rewarding!” S. White

Self-care Saturday photo 2

“I absolutely loved the handout exercises-so informative! Great workshop!” S. Khakpour

Self-care Saturday photo 8

Cultivating Happy Healthy Holidays Workshop


“Barbara, your workshop was great! The presentation was engaging and the information was both practical and applicable. I’ll use the recipes, the Circle of Life, and the Setting Priorities Triangles to keep myself focused on health and balance. Many thanks!” S. Braniff

“The workshop was filled with so much information you really needed to reflect on things that stood out and kind of chew on them. I enjoyed the small group exchange.” L. Jenkins


“Barbara, the workshop was wonderful! I’ve had nothing but great reviews from the attendees! I look forward to the next one.” J. Post

Kind Words

“Barbara’s workshop was fun and informative. Who doesn’t want a stress free holiday? The workshop was a great way to learn how and the ideas can be incorporated easily in everyone’s life style. This workshop is not just for the holidays, it’s a wonderful way to get some insight into your own needs and jump start some changes to help you become a better version of yourself.” G. Lafser

“Barbara, I absolutely loved the health seminar. I loved the delivery of your workshop. The food was delicious and I really learned so much. Thank you!” C. Tilden

“I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop, Barbara. You truly have a gift-you are a natural at speaking and putting others at ease. You are clearly well-versed in all the information. I came away with some valuable information and you certainly motivated me to improve my health and eating habits. I think anyone would greatly benefit from this experience.” J. Glenn


“I would like to thank you for inviting me to the workshop. It was a lot of fun and especially very informative. It was great to meet other ladies and to fellowship. I highly recommend this workshop, it really was an eye-opener and I learned new things about me and others.” C. Arms


“I felt very comfortable and relaxed! Really enjoyed it!” S. Jax

“The share exercises in a few cases were like a light was turned on. I had never thought of the subject in that manner.” P. Cagle

“I can’t put into words how much I loved and enjoyed last night’s class!! Thank you SO MUCH for inviting us all to your beautiful home, for the extremely good food, laughs, and friendships. My personal journey and growth started last night and I can’t wait to see where I end up!” J. Beierly

How To Have Your Cake and Eat It Too, Soothing Your Sugar Blues Workshop

“Barb is a natural! Since knowing her the last few years I have witnessed so many people, including me, turning to her as an excellent resource. She is genuine in her support and her demeanor is kind, open, and generates trust. Through her recent training to become a Certified Health Coach, she has honed her skills and increased her knowledge exponentially. Her practical approach is a breath of fresh air and allows participants to take real knowledge back home and easily put in to practice. The Sugar Workshop I recently attended was excellent. She was well prepared, gave scientific data to back her comments in a manner all could understand, provided samples of food, which supported her topic as well as the recipes to take home to test in our own kitchens with our own families. This was a small group and Barb’s nature created an environment that was welcoming and felt safe. Her passion for her path in life is clear and evident. There is no ego involved, just a desire to make a difference in others’ lives. She has made a difference in mine in a very real way and I expect that to continue. In case my support of her has not come through, I unequivocally recommend her! You will not be disappointed.” M. Huddleston

“This is my second workshop with Barbara and she leaves me craving more! This class on controlling sugar cravings was enlightening as she explores the science and our biochemistry of our sugar cravings. I look forward to applying her tips and recipes in my daily life and seeing long-term benefits from what I’m currently struggling with.” K. Hockersmith

“I learn something new every time I see Barb. She supplies a wealth of information and has taught me so much! I am continually learning from her every day! Barb is the best!” G. Fleenor

Individualized Coaching Programs

“Where to start? I began this program expecting it to be heavy on diet and exercise. I halfway expected to be weighed and measured at our sessions. Thankfully, this was not the case. The program was so much more-encompassing all areas of my life-focusing on those things that negatively impact my health and/or happiness.

The wisdom, intelligence, and insight that Barbara brought to our sessions made it so easy to open up about my life and goals. Her kindness and keen desire to help you in this process are extremely encouraging. It makes it easy to examine these personal things when you have such a supportive coach. Going through the program helped to clarify which things needed to be changed in order to live a “better version of myself”, which has brought a sense of accomplishment and much joy to my life.

One of the things I would like others to know about Barbara is that she is hands down one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. And trustworthy. When she has researched something for you, you can be sure that it is the most up-to-date information on that subject that is available. The time she spends on research and support is extensive.

I would recommend her to EVERYONE!”

J. Post


“An individualized coaching session with Barbara Reid is a truly transformational experience!  Within the “safe space” created by her deep compassion and genuine desire to help others, Barbara coached me in a series of sessions where we dug deep to explore a variety of topics.  The sessions were uplifting, thought provoking, and powerfully life-changing.   Health and happiness involve so much more than diet and exercise and this holistic approach is precisely where Barbara excels as a coach. My favorite aspect of working with Barbara was discussing with her how faith, gratitude, and spirituality have profound effects on one’s life.  During the program, I learned a great deal about myself and, through shifts in thinking and taking daily action, I experienced a beautiful transformation in a short period of time.  Being coached by Barbara changed my life and I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking to find clarity and who is ready to transform his or her life.”

L. Vita