Words Matter



Someone really got in my head.


Why was it so painful?
It triggered several limiting beliefs.



We are triggered when our thoughts revert back to regret within the past or old patterns of self-identification.


I found myself stuck in sadness and feelings of less than.





Gut clenchingly real.
Heartachingly real.
Head spinningly real.
Breathlessly real.
Anger manifested in words.
Forever absorbed in our cellular memory.
Becoming part of who we are.
Shaping our character.
Forming our bodies.
Think before speaking.
Spread kindness through words.
Healing vs. hurting.
Kindness vs. pride.
Selflessness vs. ego.
Forever absorbed in our cellular memory.
-Barbara Reid-



What do we do to move forward with ease and grace when words leave us shaken?


1.  Breathe.

2.  Realize it’s their point of view based on their life experiences.

3.  Own any kernel of truth.

4.  Commit to learning from the experience.

5.  Check in with our integrity.



6.  Let go of what we know to be false.

7.  Release anger and retaliation.

8.  Forgive self and others.

9.  Pray.

10.Express gratitude.






This is the path to Cultivating PEACE.


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