Mindful Monday: Trust



Lack of TRUST can often be found at the root of anxiety, depression, and unhappiness. 

Yes, we have difficulty TRUSTING others, but we primarily have trouble TRUSTING ourselves. 


Cultivating clarity, making sure our thoughts, words, and actions are congruent and in harmony with our integrity, is the starting point of TRUST.


Integrity guides us to do what is right even when no one is looking. Even when it’s easier to give in. Even when others are pushing us to follow their own agenda. 


We are often expected to do something, even though we don’t feel right about it, to not hurt someone else’s feelings, to not make a scene, or to just be nice. 


When we routinely override our own instincts, we lose the ability to believe in them.


So today, let’s begin rebuilding TRUST in ourselves by honoring our own intuition. 



Flex your just say “NO” muscle when a situation raises your internal radar. 


Never override a gut feeling.


5 Suggestions to cultivate TRUST in ourselves. 


1.   Get quiet.

        Let go of distractions.

        Be in your body.

        Meditate, go for a walk, take a bath. 


 2.  Pray.     

        Ask for divine guidance.    God always has your best interest at heart.


 3.  Set boundaries.

        Make a Priorities List.

        Align your actions with this list.

        Let go of what doesn’t honor your priorities.


 4.  Let go of “shoulds”.

        These are usually centered around the agenda of others. 


 5.  Journal.

       Writing down your thoughts allows you to recognize and honor your own voice.

       Get to know who you are.



Mindful Monday Action Step

Practice saying “NO” when you are asked to do something that is not in alignment with your priorities list.  


Learning to TRUST self.


It’s Cultivating PEACE in 2017. 


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