Mindful Monday: Perspective



Do you feel stuck in your current circumstance?

Maybe it’s time for a shift in PERSPECTIVE to Cultivate PEACE in 2017.



Here are a few suggestions to consider:


  1. Pause. Breathe.


  1. Ask yourself …what is the worst that could happen?


  1. Ask yourself …what is the best possible scenario?


  1. Write down 5 positive things you visualize on the horizon.


  1. Come into the present. Express gratitude for the potential within the gift of each moment.


  1. Release what no longer serves such as anger, frustration, and regret.


  1. Pray for the success and highest good for all involved.




Mindful Monday Action Step


Help Others.  Simple acts of kindness and helping others can do wonders for your attitude. Not only can it put things in PERSPECTIVE about your life, but it can distract you from problems and generally make you feel more positive.



When you pause and step out of the situation, you often find that sometimes all you need is a little shift in PERSPECTIVE to move forward with ease, grace, and optimism for the future.


This is Cultivating PEACE in 2017.


Reach out.  Let’s chat. Let me know how you are doing.  Any “aha moments”?

Are you struggling to Cultivate PEACE in your life?  Do you find it hard to move forward with ease and grace?

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