Mindful Monday: Dream



How many of us put our dreams on hold waiting for the perfect moment, perfect situation, perfect body, or perfect number on the scale?


As we remain stuck, always waiting, looking for “perfect” to happen, time continues to pass and dreams remain unfulfilled.


How can we take steps today to cultivate PEACE and move forward?


  1. Write your dream down.

    Journal about it. Picture yourself achieving it. Don’t hold back. Envision yourself living that dream.


  1. Cultivate clarity around your integrity.

    Are your words, thoughts, and actions aligned with achieving this dream?


  1. Create a vision board with elements of what your dream entails.

    Add pictures and words that relate to your dream. Place it where you can see it daily.


  1. Express gratitude.

    There is happiness and gratitude to be found no matter our circumstance if we realize the gift of each moment and the unlimited potential within it.




Mindful Monday Action Step

Envision your Perfect Day.

Imagine the best day of your life. 

Write down…

Who do you spend time with?

What are you doing?

What enables you to do this?

This exercise gives insight into your dreams and goals.


Know that you are enough!

Right now!

Whatever your present circumstance!

Cultivate clarity and DREAM!





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