Mindful Monday: Relax



Running around, trying to do too much, and declaring yourself “so busy” will not win you any medals and certainly is not the path to Cultivating PEACE in 2017.


Constant low grade stress results in elevated cortisol levels which impact your blood pressure and blood sugar.


Do you struggle with any of the following?






Gut issues




Low sex drive


Frequent colds




Abdominal weight gain




Chronic aches and pain


Take small sustainable steps to reduce your stress and you will begin to notice improvement in your health and well being right away.


Here are a few suggestions:


  1. Take a walk in nature.


  1. Take a relaxing bath.


  1. Meditate for 5-10 minutes daily.


  1. Read for fun.


  1. Snuggle with a loved one.


  1. Talk with a friend.


  1. Play.


  1. Exercise.


  1. Pray.


  1. Do absolutely nothing.


Mindful Monday Action Step
This week consciously BE, not DO.


This is Cultivating PEACE in 2017.


Reach out.  Let’s chat. Let me know how you are doing.  Any “aha moments”?

Are you struggling to Cultivate PEACE in your life?  Do you find it hard to move forward with ease and grace?

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