Mindful Monday: Snuggle


Feeling disconnected, anxious, lonely, and stressed?  Let’s SNUGGLE!


Cultivating C.H.I. in order to create PEACE is all about getting clear on what’s important, prioritizing, and aligning your thoughts, words, and actions. 


The #1 priority on most people’s list is FAMILY.

Connecting with loved ones is vital to creating a fulfilling life of PEACE and joy. 


One way to connect is to physically reach out.

Hug. SNUGGLE. Snuggling feels awesome and actually alters our chemistry releasing feel good hormones into our system. 


What are some benefits to SNUGGLING?


  1. Cultivates relationships.  Snuggling creates connection.


  1. Good for heart health. Snuggling increases oxytocin, the “love hormone”.  Reduces blood pressure and heart rate.


  1. Lowers stress. Snuggling reduces cortisol levels.


  1. Boosts immune system. Snuggling lowers stress which can make one vulnerable to illness.


  1. Helps you face fears. Snuggling lessens feelings of isolation and reduces fear.


Mindful Monday Action Step 

Take 5 index cards, list your top 5 priorities and copy on each card. Place these cards in your most traveled areas and use them to remind yourself of what’s important to you. Allow yourself to say no to distractions which take you out of alignment with your priorities.

Be sure to connect with those who are special to you today…SNUGGLE AWAY!!! ?




This is Cultivating PEACE in 2017.


Reach out.  Let’s chat. Let me know how you are doing.  Any “aha moments”?

Are you struggling to Cultivate PEACE in your life?  Do you find it hard to move forward with ease and grace?

If this is you,  contact me for a complimentary 15 minute Cultivating Clarity Session.  Here’s how…

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