Mindful Monday: Hydration

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How Can I Cultivate PEACE in 2017?

Good morning!  This email is the first of our Mindful Monday series.

Each Monday I’ll share a tip with you for the week.  An observation.  A simple action step.  A question to ponder.  Or a new perspective.

Our goal? 

To share simple and actionable strategies that are congruent and in harmony with our goal of Cultivating PEACE.

Today’s TIP:

Cultivating PEACE in 2017-HYDRATE

The heart of Cultivating C.H.I. is alignment with our integrity. When we are aligned we are at PEACE.

One such strategy is proper HYDRATION.

HYDRATION is critical to maintaining life and good health. The amount needed is individual. A good rule to remember is if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.

Try scheduling water throughout the day to maintain proper hydration. A good easy routine is to drink water… upon awakening, at each meal, when driving to work, while working out, and when driving home.

The benefits of good hydration include…cleansing toxins from the body, weight reduction and maintenance, cardiovascular health, beautiful skin, improved mental acuity, and much more.

Remember, easy actionable steps result in establishing habits. This is Cultivating PEACE in 2017.



How can I establish consistent HYDRATION habits?

Frequently check in with yourself today and each day throughout the week.

Keep a running tally of ounces consumed.

Check in with your body.  Do you feel thirsty?

Prepare your water bottles the night before.

Carry a small cooler in your vehicle.


Reach out.  Let’s chat. Let me know how you are doing.  Any “aha moments”?

Are you struggling to Cultivate PEACE in your life?  Do you find it hard to move forward with ease and grace?

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