Why Do We Become Stuck?

Why do we become stuck in situations that are hurtful?


Maybe it’s a relationship, a job, or an addiction.


What calls us to step back into something we have worked so hard to release?


I’d like to suggest it’s our Limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are those patterns of thoughts, laid down in our early years, not our own thoughts, that keep us playing small.


You’ll notice that things are going along nicely and BAM!  Seemingly out of nowhere we become stuck!


We begin making poor choices not aligned with our integrity.


We begin participating in self-destructive behaviors.

We may feel victimized and isolated.


What happened?!


Here’s a thought. 


When we are standing on the edge of realizing a dream, we become the most vulnerable to those limiting beliefs that want to keep us safe.


“Don’t put yourself out there!”


“Don’t trust!”


“Don’t get too big for your britches!”


“Don’t show people who you really are!”


This is the voice of limiting beliefs.


So how can we gain clarity and quiet this voice?

How can we CULTIVATE PEACE and move forward with ease and grace?


  1. Tune into our intuition.

    We often ignore our own gut feelings.  These get weaker the more we disregard them. Start trusting and listening to these very important signals.


2. Apply self-care.

Be good to ourselves.  Rest, exercise, and eat nutrient-dense foods.

3. Let go of negative people.

Give ourselves permission to release people who actively bring us down.  They are taking up space that could be given to someone who will encourage and support us.



4. Reach out to positive influences.

Surround ourselves with people who encourage us to be our very best.  People who rejoice in our successes and stand beside us when we need support.

5. Pray for guidance and courage.

We cannot see the big picture.  It’s hard to step into the unknown. Reach out through prayer to the One who does see the big picture and who always wants what’s best for us. Ask for guidance and courage.


6. Forgive ourselves of our past.

One of the most challenging things we have to do is to forgive ourselves.  Accepting our imperfections allows us to become unstuck and to move forward with ease and grace.

7. Create a vision board.

Cultivating clarity and posting our dreams is very powerful. Create a vision board utilizing pictures and words that align with our vision of the future.


8. Confide in a reliable supportive person.

Cultivate our tribe.  This person(s) will listen objectively, without judgment, and give us sound feedback when we are facing a tough decision.


9. Cultivate clarity around our goals.

What is important to us?  List our top 5 priorities.  Now pick one to move toward. Move one small step at a time.

10. Gain support through a coach or mentor.

Work with a coach or mentor who will act as a guide by our side.

Someone who will skillfully support us in moving forward toward cultivating a fulfilling PEACE-filled life.


Are you struggling to Cultivate PEACE in your life?  Do you find it hard to move forward with ease and grace?

If this is you,  contact me for a complimentary 15 minute Cultivating Clarity Session.  Here’s how…

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