Pain, Power, and PEACE in Truth



There is pain, power, and PEACE in truth.


This picture is a little hard to share. 

Those who knew my dad would hardly recognize him.  Not because of his youth, rather because of the expression on his face.  You see my dad was known for his incredible, infectious smile and his optimistic outlook on life.  As you note here in this photo, his demeanor is sad and a bit hopeless.


(My amazing dad hugging me and my sweet sister standing.)


I’m sharing this photo because I want to say that EVERYONE goes through very difficult challenges in this life.

Acknowledging this doesn’t change who you are today, rather it encourages people as they see you come out stronger, happier, and more peaceful.


I think social media has distanced us from this reality. 

Everyone wants to share the happy perfect photo.  We are embarrassed by our truth.  Life is not always fun, exciting, joyful, fulfilling, or peaceful.  In reality it is often confusing, challenging, and difficult.  Why can’t we just own that?  Keeping up a false narrative is isolating, exhausting and not helpful.



I once made a promise to you to keep it real. 

To share with you the challenges within the MESSY MIDDLE and to provide suggestions to move through these times with ease and grace.  This is not always easy for me as I am a recovering perfectionist who tends to isolate self when feeling “less than.”




As I stand before you in all my imperfection, I’d like to share the lessons I’m learning as I grow in experience, knowledge, truth, and most of all PEACE through Cultivating C.H.I. in my life.


Barbara Reid, Life and Integrative Health Coach

Founder, Cultivate Holistic Health


There are many reasons why it’s important to be authentic not only to self but to others.



  1. It allows you to lean into the learning and find the lessons within.

  2. It encourages others and breaks the wall of isolation for them and for self.

  3. It creates a shared experience from struggle to hope.

  4. It reduces the stress of holding up a facade.

  5. It reduces jealousy and envy.

  6. It creates a space for learning.

  7. It builds empathy.

  8. It reduces debilitating self-judgment.

  9. It promotes healing.

How can we find hope and peace within our reality?


  1. Remember that this too shall pass.

  2. Express gratitude.

  3. Honor truthfulness.

  4. Cultivate mindfulness.

  5. Look for ways to serve others.

  6. Fuel properly.

  7. Move.

  8. Pray.

  9. Release what no longer serves.



As I look at these pictures of my dad, his life, his death, I see a man who overcame  personal battles that would have broken a lesser man. 

I am proud of his journey and proud of the way he not only overcame, but shined as a brilliant light of hope and optimism throughout this world.  I am inspired by his truth. My dad, Quitman Dale Grissom, Sr.  Husband, father, friend, minister, and author.  What a tribute on his headstone…“Always Loving, Always Loved.”

Thank you, Daddy…I miss and love you so very much! 


Are you struggling to Cultivate PEACE in your life?  Do you find it hard to honor your truth?

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2 thoughts on “Pain, Power, and PEACE in Truth

  1. I agree with you about social media. I was just talking with my mom about this because she’ll read what her friends are doing and feel sad that her husband is no longer with her, enjoying the retirement she thought they would. It’s “facebook life”, I tell her. We all know it’s not real, but it still affects us. You’re so right about truth. We need to get more comfortable with it and be our authentic selves.

    1. I appreciate your thoughts so much Dawn. I know we all can relate to your mom’s feelings in whatever area we feel loss or disconnect. I myself struggle most around the holidays with all the pictures of family activities that I always pictured doing with my own children and grandchildren. I never anticipated infertility. ?

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