Cultivating Peace Over Perfectionism


 I have struggled with PERFECTIONISM  since I was a young child.





I was very quiet and internalized everything.   I built many boxes of limiting beliefs. I had many fears and anxieties.



I  was very sensitive and introverted and  didn’t express the fears I was experiencing so they began to show up in my physical body, in my sleep habits, and my self-perception.




These perceptions have  followed me throughout my life.



The biggest ones of being “too much” in regards to my physical body while conversely “not being enough” in my pursuit of PERFECTION physically, spiritually, in relationships, and professionally.


How did this translate to my adult life?


I realized that my most powerful dream was to be at PEACE  and that that would never come in the pursuit of PERFECTION.




I was speaking to myself, doing things, and pursuing things that weren’t kind, healthy, or productive.

I was not living in INTEGRITY.




I began to see the connections between thoughts, words, and actions in ways that I hadn’t seen before.

I could change the course of my life by thinking, saying, and doing things that were CONGRUENT with the results I wanted.




I could create HARMONY in my life by prioritizing these thoughts, words, and actions so that I had more balance and flow.




I could be at PEACE  by living within my INTEGRITY.


This doesn’t mean I don’t ever feel stuck, confused, or out of alignment.


I call this space the MESSY MIDDLE.





What it does mean is that I have developed the skills to CULTIVATE CLARITY  whenever I do experience these feelings.

This is the heart of CULTIVATING C.H.I. in 2016.




Who would benefit from the CULTIVATING C.H.I. in 2016 program?

CULTIVATING C.H.I. is based on the understanding that we are beings of INTEGRITY, meaning whole, not segmented. To live a healthy whole life we must nurture all areas of our lives.




Our goal is to develop CLARITY in our thoughts, words, and actions.




To prioritize what is important to us and to break through old patterns of behaviors by taking small sustainable steps CONGRUENT and in HARMONY with our INTEGRITY to CULTIVATE ease and flow throughout all areas of our lives.

What are the benefits of living in C.H.I.?




You may be asking yourself…Now what?  I would love to implement these recommendations but I really want or need some help.


If this is you, you can contact me for a complimentary 15 minute Cultivating Clarity Session.  Here’s how…


Send your message below, and I will reply shortly.


Or you can email me at or call (904) 502-8936 and leave a message.






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