Cultivating C.H.I. Through Adversity



CULTIVATING C.H.I. through adversity.  How can we remain hopeful when times are tough?


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The events of the past few months have been incredibly challenging.  How do we stay positive and hopeful  when it seems as though everything around us is falling apart?

Can we CULTIVATE hope in the midst of CHAOS?  Can we find the magic of learning within each MESSY MIDDLE MOMENT?













The MESSY MIDDLE is the place where things feel like they’re falling apart.  However, it is here where we can shift away from judgment and lean into curiosity. Judgment keeps us stuck. Curiosity provides us with valuable information to move forward.There is no by-passing the MESSY MIDDLE.


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Have you heard the story of the twin boys?


Once there were five-year-old twin boys,

one a pessimist and the other an optimist.

Wondering how two boys who seemed so alike could

be so different, their parents took them to a psychiatrist.


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The psychiatrist took the pessimist to a room piled high

with new toys, expecting the boy to be thrilled. But instead

he burst into tears. Puzzled, the psychiatrist asked,

“don’t you want to play with these toys?”

“Yes,” the little boy bawled,

“but if I did I’d only break them.”

Next the psychiatrist took the optimist to a room piled high

with horse manure. The boy yelped with delight, clambered

to the top of the pile, and joyfully dug out scoop after scoop,

tossing the manure into the air with glee.

“What on earth are you doing?” the psychiatrist asked.

“Well,” said the boy, beaming

“There’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!”

~ Author unknown ~

Do we see the POOP or the Pony in our MESSY MIDDLE MOMENTS?





Is there a way to CULTIVATE CONGRUENCY and HARMONY to better align with our INTEGRITY?



It is only by living in the MESSY MIDDLE that we can get curious and gather the information needed to create a life of greater ease and flow.  It’s the process by which we become unstuck and CULTIVATE resilient C.H.I.


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  1. Ground ourselves in  something bigger than self.  CULTIVATE faith  through study and prayer.  We are not meant to understand everything in real time.

  1. See opportunity in every event. Ask ourselves how is this helping me rather than hurting me?  Move from victim mentality to learning mode.

  1. Surround ourselves with optimistic people. Positivity is contagious.

  1. Properly nourish our bodies to feel our best. Garbage in garbage out.  Fueling with nutritionally dense foods nourishes the body, mind, and the spirit.

  1. Let go of negative people. Negativity is contagious.

  1. Unplug from technology overload. Too much input results in overwhelm.

  1. Move the body to develop strength, endurance, and confidence.

  1. Cultivate activities which develop mental and physical flexibility. Healthy trees sway with the wind.  Rigid inflexible trees break. The same goes for our bodies.

  1. Express gratitude daily. Focus on blessings.  Create a positive energetic flow of thankfulness.

By CULTIVATING C.H.I. through adversity we are able to see the hope within all situations and create positive outcomes even within the most challenging circumstances.


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So ask yourself, do you see the POOP or the PONY?



You may be asking yourself…Now what?  I would love to implement these recommendations but I really want or need some help.


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  1. This particularly applies to me in my business right now. When things seem like they’ll never work out…I just gotta hope.

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