Cultivating C.H.I. : Spiritual Renewal

I wonder, if you are like me?  Are you having an extraordinarily challenging year?  Are you feeling weary and a bit bewildered?  It’s times like these that I’m incredibly grateful for the wisdom and guidance of my parents.  My earliest memories are of my dad gathering us together and talking to us about life and about our goal of being together one day in heaven.  He taught us the biblical principles that sustain me and are at the root of my INTEGRITY.  I know that when I start to lose sight of these principles that there will be consequences of  incongruency and disharmony in my PHYSICAL body, SPIRITUAL being,  PROFESSIONAL life, and RELATIONSHIPS.  It’s easy to lose sight of one’s priorities and to grow weary.  When this occurs, we regain CLARITY, and CULTIVATE C.H.I. through SPIRITUAL RENEWAL.


“In the times we are tired, God wants to give us rest and spiritual renewal.”



“In the midst of the complexities of modern life, with all it’s pressures, the spirit of man needs to refresh itself by communion with unspoiled nature.  In such surroundings-occasional as our visits may be-we can achieve that kind of physical and spiritual renewal that comes alone from the wonder of the natural world.”

-Laurence Rockefeller



Have you had a year full of challenges?  Is your body tired and your soul weary?  We hear endless advice about the PHYSICAL body but not so much about renewing the SPIRIT.  Without the SPIRIT what is the PHYSICAL body?  Nothing but an outward shell.

Our PHYSICAL body is temporal.  Our SPIRIT is what will live eternally.  It is the part of us that feels love, hurt, disappointment, joy, sadness.  It is the part of us that most deeply experiences misalignment and imbalance.


standing yoga tree

What are the consequences of experiencing misalignment and imbalance?

PHYSICAL exhaustion, foggy thinking, ruminating thoughts, weight gain, impatience, volatile emotions, depression, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, and a myriad of physical illnesses are often consequences of misalignment and imbalance.

We can be eating all the right foods, exercising daily, breathing deeply and if our SPIRIT is exhausted we will not be experiencing the energetic flow of living in CONGRUENCY, HARMONY, AND INTEGRITY.

So how can we RENEW our SPIRIT daily?

  1.  Take time to rest our minds.  Turn off all electronics.  Take a nap.  Meditate.  Soak in a bath.  Rest, recover, rejuvenate.




  1.  Provide SPIRITUAL nourishment.  Read the Holy Word.  Study Biblical principles.  Take a walk in nature.




  1.  Communicate with our Creator.  Pray daily.  Express gratitude.  Share concerns.


praying hands


  1.  Connect with positive people.  Support each other.  Laugh.  Cry.  Share life’s burdens and blessings.


talk w friend


  1.  Practice helping others.  Always look for opportunities to lift someone up.




  1.  Prioritize our time.  Every moment is a gift.  Align our thoughts, words, and actions with our INTEGRITY.




  1.  Extend forgiveness to others and to self.  Release any grudges and let go of the energy that it takes to hold onto anger.


“The most important lesson on the road to spiritual maturity is how to truly forgive.  No one likes to be held in their history, especially people trying to make themselves better.”

-Lisa Prosen


release butterflies


  1.  Have a generous attitude toward others.  Always extend the benefit of the doubt to someone’s intentions.


spiritual words

  1. Set daily intentions.  Make a plan and release expectations of outcomes.


  1.  Let go of comparison to others.  Celebrate individuality.


girl sitting




The rewards of CULTIVATING SPIRITUAL RENEWAL include peace, joy, fulfillment, and expansive energy.  The resulting positive energetic flow of being in alignment in thought, word, and deed.  It is a glowing inner confidence that is attractive and magnetic.  It is living in C.H.I.


“When you speak from your heart and say the words your soul has only dared to whisper, that’s when miracles happen.”



You may be asking yourself…Now what?  I would love to implement these recommendations but I really want or need some help.


If this is you, you can contact me for a complimentary 15 minute Cultivating Clarity Session.  Here’s how…


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8 thoughts on “Cultivating C.H.I. : Spiritual Renewal

  1. This was such a beautiful reminder that when we’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed to take a step back and make time for reflection and peace. Turning off the electronics is so hard. It’s amazing how addictive it is. This makes me fearful for the future generations.

    1. Thanks so much Dawn! I appreciate and share your concerns regarding electronics. I know personally how hard it is for me to unplug and relax. I am steadfast in my dedicated meditation practice to help keep me tuned in to my inner voice. I find it essential to my well being. I definitely notice right away when I choose to use my time doing something else…like working on electronics….LOL! ?

  2. What a beautifully written piece! Thank you for sharing your insights into how to bring about spiritual renewal. Many good tips and strategies here. True health and wellness must incorporate a strong, grounded and well-taken-care-of spirit!

  3. Barbara, your post was very beneficial to me personally. It is so easy to forget to recharge and give our spirit the lift it needs to achieve peace and balance. It is easy to let daily life concerns overwhelm our time and attention and we forget to feed our souls. Thank you for your insight and helpful pointers.

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