Life Is Too Precious

Life is too precious and too short to waste trapped inside a head full of self-criticism and judgment. Dwelling in the past or trying to read the tea leaves of the future is futile.  We only have now.  This one precious moment.  To live life to the fullest we must call out the inner voice that keeps us playing small.  There is work to be done and we need everyone to show up big.

Everyone has unique gifts, talents, and insights.  It’s time to test the limits of self-imposed boundaries and push through imaginary barriers.   These barriers within the mind are the most challenging as they were laid from our very beginning and stacked higher and higher during our formative years.

The good news is…we can re-write these thoughts.  We can take our life experience and hold it up to our inner critic and say…”You are wrong!  You don’t speak for me!  Here is my truth.”

One thought on “Life Is Too Precious

  1. Love this reminder! Thank you! This is such an important message – “We only have now. This one precious moment.” It really is so important to be mindful of the thoughts we have that are self-critical. No room for that in this “one precious moment.” 🙂

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