A Life Well-Lived

An amazing light left this earth yesterday.  Her pain is gone and she is at peace.  She was a beloved wife, mother, daughter, and friend.  She battled long and hard to remain with her loved ones here.  So brave and strong.  Smiling and caring for others.  Perhaps she knew her life would be but a vapor on this earth.  Never long enough for those who loved her.  What can be learned from a life well-lived?

  • Life is short…no matter the length.  None of us is guaranteed tomorrow.  Don’t put off what really matters to you.
  • Share your wisdom with others.  This is your legacy.
  • This human form is temporary.  Nurture your body but don’t worship it.
  • You don’t know the suffering of others.  Be compassionate.
  • View the world with optimism.  One person can make a huge difference in the lives of many.
  • Tell people you love them.  You’ll never regret saying it but you will regret the times you didn’t.
  • Be present.  It’s easy to disconnect and distance through technology.
  • The soul is forever.  This earthly body will pass away.  Prepare spiritually for eternity.
  • Have faith.  You won’t always be able to make sense out of life.  Live with the knowledge that God has your highest good in mind and loves you more than you can comprehend.
  • Forgive.  You will be hurt and you will hurt others.  Recognize this is part of maturing.  Ask for forgiveness when you wrong someone.  Grant forgiveness when someone wrongs you.

Until we meet again, dear Pam.  Rest easy in the arms of Jesus.IMG_1941

7 thoughts on “A Life Well-Lived

  1. Prayers for your friend’s family and for you. You have such a beautiful spirit and a wonderful ability to express yourself.

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