Bruised and Battered

Ever have days when you feel bruised and battered by the world around you?  Perhaps it is the guy laying on his horn in the car behind you, negative news on the radio or tv, or a Facebook comment that is harsh and provoking.  Whatever it is or wherever it comes from, it is a good opportunity to pause, breathe, and look for the lesson within.  What can be learned from an interaction that leaves you feeling bruised and battered?

  1. Actions matter.  Laying on your horn in heavy traffic does not make traffic move faster.  What it does do is raise the anxiety level of everyone around you.  Not a great thing when people are encased in a heavy motorized vehicle that makes them feel invincible.  Instead, take a breath, slow down, give those around you space literally and figuratively.
  1. Negativity in, negativity out. What we read, listen to, and see shapes our perception of our world.  This doesn’t mean to walk around unaware of what’s going on around us.  It doesn’t mean that we only surround ourselves with unrealistic positivity.  What it does mean is that it is important to realize that we can immerse ourselves in the drama around us to the point that we become blind to the reality of here and now.  Instead of buying into someone else’s negative take on a situation and adding our own judgment, we can ask ourselves the questions…Is this true?  Is this helpful?  Does this add value to my life and to the lives of others?  By asking these questions we can raise the energy of what we take in and what we put out into the world.
  1. Speaking without thinking is never a good idea. We live in a world of soundbites and pithy comments.  We are losing the art of civil communication and losing the ability to disagree without being disagreeable.  Take a moment.  Think about what you are conveying through your words.  Is your intent to engage in a mutually beneficial conversation or to score points?  To share your viewpoint or to harass someone who disagrees with you?  To lift up and encourage or to wound and debase?  Look within and if you can’t speak (or type) civilly, pause until you can.

Feeling a bit bruised and battered this week?  Please share and let’s all benefit from the lessons we can learn together in this safe space.

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